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We get it, animation is hard, time-consuming and requires specialized skills and/or expensive equipment. However, in the age of generative Al, we believe this is no longer necessary.


Our platform allows anyone, from an indie developer to a professional animator, to accelerate the process of bringing a character to life in seconds. Use descriptive text prompts to generate keyframed skeletal animations in your favorite tools that can be further tweaked and customized to your liking.

  • Your ideas, our magic.
  • Your tools, our magic.
  • Your characters, our magic.
  • Your stories, our magic.
  • Your creativity, our magic.
  • Your time, our magic.

Use the many different upcoming integrations, or REST APIs to bring your characters to life in your favorite tools and workflows.
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Coming soon...
Use the playground to create and download your own animations to keep, modify and use under .

Because this technology is so new, we are currently only able to offer access to a limited number of customers. If you feel that you or your company could benefit from using our technology, please request access here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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